Saturday, February 28, 2009


code: NIF046 (pistachios chocolate flake cookies

code: NIF045 (Ice cream sporties cookies)
code: NIF044 (tart gulung blueberry)
code: NIF43 (shantung marble cookies)
code: NIF042 (snowy oat) ths is my favaurite cookies....1 u try u 1 more!
code: NIF041 (blueberry cheesy custard cookies)
code: NIF040 ( granola fruits bar)
code: NIF039 (dark sweet anglie cooikes)
code: NIF038 (sweet orange mint cookies) on the top is not cornflake..ths cookies really special..
code: NIF037 (chocolate peneton with pineapple filling)
code: NIF036 (cheese fingers cookis) sdp....
code: NIF035 (golden nugget cooikes) ths cookies really crispy... rupanya x dela cntk sgt but the taste yummie!
code: NIF 034 ths is famous amos....in malay biskut coklat...sdp sgt...really! tp, rupa mmg buruk...
ini plk bkn kek tp, msk lomak cili api...haha....sdp2 toink! yg ni x bole order..sry ye! =)
code: NIF033 lemon cheese slice
code: NIF032 chocolate moist
code: NIF031 cheese cake
code: NIF030 macadamia ivory chocolate cake....cream kek ni sedap coz ini bkn buttercream..(luxury cake..)
code: NIF029 Lemon cheese sponge slice...ini pun sdp...semua pun sdp..hi2
code: NIF028 disney birthday cake....anybody like it? juz tell me wutever disney character tht u 1..i'll draw it 4 u..hi2 =)
code: NIF027 kek ni dtempah oleh ckg aliah....hehe untuk ank lelakinya...btw, i ada bnyk design baru...so, wait n c later...coz i x smpat nk uploadkn lg.... +)
code: NIF026 birthday cake for amani... =)
code: NIF025 mocha chocolate oreo cake....huhu
code: NIF024 a very simple cake....with 3 cute duck..
code: NIF023 cupcake for wedding...simple n affordable..
code: NIF022 zoom in
code: NIF021 simple deco
code: NIF020 flower on top of grass
code: NIF019
code: NIF018
code: NIF017
code: NIF0016
code: NIF015
code: NIF014 love

code: NIF014 i make a lot for wedding function
code: NIF013 birthday chocolate cake untuk syafiq.... enjoy it! =)
i spent 3 hours to make this flower 4 the first time...aiyo......
huhu the simplest cake in the world..hi2
apple milli feuili
choc velentine cake... all chocolate... no butter cream! juz chocolate n cake.. =)
code: NIF012 apple crumble cake....soft n cruchy...
code: NIF011
code: NIF110 carrot mint cheese
ths i make 4 my frens during our reunion...even it really simple,but the taste is really delicious...try it!
fancy cookies... act, there a lot of design but one of it is here...if u want any other shape or design u can request it to me... i'll make it! =)
code: NIF009 marble cheese cake . the taste is really delicious.... huhu try it!
code: NIF008 orange chocolate cake...

code: NIF007
barbie cake ...really nice simple decoration..suitable 4 besday girl.. =)
wedding cakes . act, wedding cake bnyk lg design yg lain tp, blm smpat i nk keep in photonya...so, if u r intested in other design , juz tell me..i'll make it! =)
code: NIF006 disney cupcakes
code: NIF005 untk hntaran..
code: NIF004 barbie cake..
code: NIF003 edible image ...u can make ur own image juz send ur pict to me..n i'll make it 4 u..
code: NIF002 novelty cake
code: NIF 001 rose cupcakes